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Michael L. Martin Jr.


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Hi! I'm Michael... or Mike. No Preference.

I spin in my office chair, ride shopping carts down the aisle, and tell lies for a living.

My biggest obsession is creating. After ten years working in the Entertainment industry, I've lost track of how many different hats I've worn. While doing what I love all these years, I've cultivated a super weird and unique talent stack.

I run broadway/concert shows as an audio mixer & sound designer. My mom inspired me to create a clothing line for women. It's so much fun to vlog that I do it as often as possible. And I also happen to write fantasy novels.

But who I am is not what I do. Who I am is how I do it.




Michael L. Martin Jr. was born in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States of America and now lives in New York with his wife Katie. As a child, he discovered a love for creating and showed an early gift for drawing, songwriting and storytelling. At six years old, he became the runner up of his third grade Dramatic Reading competition. His teacher informed his parents that his reading voice was excellent enough that he might have taken first place if only he had looked up away from the book and gazed into the audience at least once as he read "There's a Dragon in My Wagon". But he was too shy.



Writing took a back seat to music throughout Michael's school years. His first tools for recording his own music were blank cassette tapes, instrumentals and two boom-boxes that his mom—who worked two jobs at the time—had purchased for him.

After Michael graduated high school, he built up an extensive catalog of recordings and stage performances as an artist. He spent about fifteen of his formative years in the music industry developing varied skills such as writing, producing and audio engineering. 

In 2013, Michael joined Carnival Cruise Line as an audio technician where he held many responsibilities like equipment maintenance and theater management. Primarily, he ran the sound board every night for Carnival’s top broadway style production shows. His background in performing on stage in front of live audience came in handy when the Cruise Director asked him to play the main role in Hasbro's CLUE: The Murder Mystery show. Once a week for six months straight he performed in the main theater as the victim, Mr. Boddy.

Today, Michael vlogs regularly and writes fantasy novels.



An idea for a novel came to Michael in 2001 but he didn’t believe he had the skills or the time to write a novel because he had put off writing while he pursued his music career. He never bothered to write a single word of that story as years went by. Yet the story remained stuck in his subconscious. Seemingly, it wanted to be written. His Mom encouraged him to finally give it a try.

Within one month he completed a manuscript titled BURN IN HADES. It was published in late 2011 and Kindle Book Reviews voted it one of the Best Indie Books of 2012.

Michael now ghostwrites both fiction and non-fiction for storytellers who might be pressed for time or simply want to work in collaboration with another writer.


SHE-E-O Apparel

The most important influence and mentor in Michael’s life has been his mom. She had always supported him throughout all of his creative ventures. Sometimes she would be his only source of encouragement. Her strength through past struggles is what inspired SHE-E-O Apparel, a clothing line that represents woman. It would be one of the many ways Michael chose to return his mother's love and support while also helping to shine a light on other awesome woman just like Mom.